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Friday - November 01, 2013 - Amateur Radio at the Beach - Amelia Island - KH2D.net
For The Hams of the New Millennium - Geek Gear!!

"You are full quieting except for all that white noise...."

From ALINCO comes the credit card sized HT. A whopping 300 milliwatts !! You'll bang into the local repeater with this baby !! And guess what - no speaker !! Just slip this puppy in your shirt pocket and plug in the tiny black ear phone and who knows, somebody might think YOU are a REAL G-MAN !! It's CUTE. It's TINY. And unless you live half a block from your local repeater, it's USELESS. Pocket protector not included....
Into DEEEE-X ? Wanna QRO, work that repeater in the next county ? For the GEEK DX'er, there's the new ALINCO DJ S11T. High Power !! 340 milliwatts !! When the band opens up, you'll kick butt and take names with this little wonder. Engineered by the same guys who make the FRS mini's, this fine piece of equipment has a SWIVEL ANTENNA that you CAN'T REMOVE and it's guaranteed to snap off the first time you drop this little jewel..... But wait - there's more !! For the SERIOUS GEEK DX'er, Alinco offers a MOBILE MOUNTING BRACKET, a CIGARETTE LIGHTER ADAPTER, and would you believe A VOX MIC HEADSET !! All this and you save $$$ on a mobile antenna cuz you CAN'T PLUG IT IN TO THE RADIO !!
Can't get on HF ? Morse code got you down ? Be happy, don't worry, just for YOU - the SERIOUS SIX METER DX'ER, AEA has done it AGAIN by designing the HALO-6. "The AEA HALO-6 is designed for the new Technician Code-Free licensee who wants the experience of working real ionospheric skip DX on six meters." (And who doesn't know what a REAL antenna looks like). You'll have SIX METER DXCC in no time with this world class radiator. Don't forget to order a hundred feet of RG59 cable.... Doubles as a towel drying rack for field day at the beach....
Wanna play HARDBALL ? Try a YAESU FT50RD. Users of this little buggar are still trying to decide if it feels like holding a warped baseball or a large rock. Ergonomically designed by a total idiot, this HT is guaranteed to be the most uncomfortable Handy Scratchy you'll ever picked up. As thick as it is wide, the FT50RD's PTT switch is strategically located in a position that's sure to cause carpal tunnel syndrome quicker than any mouse every invented. The display is extremely hard to see, and with the addition of the SOFT CASE, it's virtually impossible to tell what band you are on so you will meet lots of new people every time you get on the air. Comes complete with BELT CLIP (but tighten your belt before you hook up or you might loose your pants) and a WALL WART CHARGER that's great for travel cuz it's only about twice as big and heavy as the HT. YAESU didn't forget anything when they designed this wonderful talking machine - the WALL WART plugs into the RADIO and NOT into the battery, so don't bother buying a spare battery cuz you need another RADIO to charge it... MILSPECD TUFF so you can fall in a MUD PUDDLE and keep communicating. This radio proves beyond any doubt that the only thing slower than Yaesu's web page is their design team. Michael Jackson glove not included.....

The GEEK BIBLE. Don't leave home without it. Listings for thousands of FM repeaters in North, South, and Central America. Even a few in Europe and the Middle East. Please check with the U.S State Department before traveling to the Middle East to use a repeater.....

We've heard rumors that you can get a REALLY GOOD DEAL on this book if you by a used one that's 3 or 4 years old on eBay. That's where KH2D got his.

Here's a handy item you won't want to be without when you are hooking up that six dollar plastic mic ham station to your sound card. The RIG BLASTER!! Only costs $150 with shipping. Never mind you can build your own for 20 bucks worth of Radio Shack parts. Never mind you can buy a kit from BuxComm with a printed circuit board for $25. You need a RIGBLASTER cuz you can't SOLDER !!

No 'ham shack' is complete without a good sound card mic. How are you gonna work all that DX on ILink if you don't have good audio? Don't worry, there are plenty of YAHOO! groups where you can find other 'hams' that will tell you how to hook it up!! Go for the gold. Be the envy of all your ILink DX'ing friends. Go the extra mile, spend the extra six bucks and get a really nice plastic headset!!

You've made the plunge. You took the risk. You actually bought a RADIO!! But you still can't work any DX on ILink until you figure out how to hook it up to the computer. No problem, the guy that wrote ILink and the guy that builds the ILink interface boards already figured out how to hook your new 2 meter radio up to ILink - You CAN'T - unless you buy one of their boards!! So don't forget to hurry and get one of these puppies, before ILink becomes EXStink and you can't use your radio for ANYTHING!!

Friday - November 01, 2013 - Amateur Radio at the Beach - Amelia Island - KH2D.net
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