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Friday - November 01, 2013 - Amateur Radio at the Beach - Amelia Island - KH2D.net
Opinions 5 cent Amateur Radio Stamp, issued during the 1960's KH2D's Five Cents Worth
KH2D's Tips For CW Contesting - An automatic device, preferably with memory is a must for CW contesting. Before the contest starts, it is imperative to load the memories and properly adjust the speed of the device. (more)
Thoughts on Contest Manners - Or Lack Of - I don't really care much for SSB contests any more, the CW ones seem to be a lot more fun for me these days. But this weekend I owed another Guam contester a favor, so when it was time to draw straws, I let him have the one that said CW. (more)
VoIP and Ham Radio - VoIP stand for Voice Over IP. IP stands for Internet Protocol. VoIP, in simple terms, is the protocol by which analog sound (your voice) is changed to digital data, transmitted over the Internet, and then again changed back to analog sound on the other end so you can speak to someone over the Internet. (more)
What's Wrong With Ham Radio? It's Brain Dead!! - Ham radio is brain dead. How did that happen ? Well, it's a long story, but I'll see if I can explain it to you. Amateur radio operators today can be basically subdivided into two groups - Clueless Newbies and Brain Dead Old Farts. (more)
DXCC 2000 - An Accomplishment?? - Hams on the HF bands have always been interested in DX. 'DX' means 'far away'. Back in the 'old days' (a long time ago), it was a magic trick to communicate by radio across the United States. Back then, hams built most, if not all, of their own equipment. (more)
For The Hams of the New Millennium - Geek Gear!! - From ALINCO comes the credit card sized HT. A whopping 300 milliwatts !! You'll bang into the local repeater with this baby !! And guess what - no speaker !! Just slip this puppy in your shirt pocket and plug in the tiny black ear phone and who knows, somebody might think YOU are a REAL G-MAN !! (more)
Are You One of the Deserving?? - I was wading through my email this morning and I saw those two catchy words again - 'The Deserving'. Now for you new hams, and you guys who aren't avid post card chasers, I guess I should explain what those two words mean. (more)
Six Meters - Magic or Tragic? - There are, I must say, a few bands that amateurs are allowed to operate on that are not included in the list of 'my favorite bands'. (more)
CQWW 2000 - Anatomy of a Contest - Statistical analysis using DX Cluster stats of the CQWW contest in 2000, including some interesting notes about what was noticed during this contest. (more)
The Florida QSO Party - is held every year in April. It's an interesting contest, both for the out of state hams and the local guys, because a lot of mobiles are tooling around the state making sure that all the counties (multipliers) are heard on contest weekend. (more)

WARNING! The material found on some of the pages of this section of KH2D.net will be offensive to some people. Not offensive to normal people, but it will be offensive to some hams. These pages contain no pornography or nasty language, just KH2D's opinions. If you have a weak heart, high blood pressure, or are taking excessive doses of Viagra, you probably should NOT view any of these pages unless you have checked with your doctor first. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Friday - November 01, 2013 - Amateur Radio at the Beach - Amelia Island - KH2D.net
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