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Friday - November 01, 2013 - Amateur Radio at the Beach - Amelia Island - KH2D.net
EchoCell - The Cellular Connection For EchoLink

While you've been dreaming, the entire programming staff at KH2D.Net has been working late to provide you with the ULTIMATE EchoLink communications solution - and now it's HERE!

EchoCell is a program that provides you with THE FINAL solution for your EchoLink communications needs. Tired of dragging that clunky HT around when that little flip phone fits so nicely in your shirt pocket? Toss that HT, you won't be needing that thing any more!

Simple To Use - just configure all your credit card and PayPal information, and you'll be "online" in minutes. Verizon users just send a text message to "7373" and your EchoCell program will automatically call your cell phone and hook you in to the EchoLink Network. Work the World with NO WIRES! Sprint, AT&T, and NexTel versions coming soon!

EBay Option - EchoCell isn't just for communications, it adds functionality to your local repeater that you never DREAMED was possible! With TTS voice, EchoCell will let you monitor all your EBay auctions thru your local repeater! Configure a DTMF sequence for BUY IT NOW and you'll never miss another EBay Deal! Instant credit card or PayPaly payments options from your DTMF pad!

EMail Option - Never miss another important email message because you're on the road - EchoCell will deliver ALL your email right to your node radio and relay them to you via your Verizon cellular phone! EchoCell's amazing SPAM SORTER will remove all those nasty SPAM messages automatically from your inbox before they are played over the radio!

Got A Camera Phone? - Good for you! EchoCell will allow you to transfer your camera phone pictures to ANY email address right thru the local repeater! Now you can SHOW the guys those hamfest deals you used to be able to only tell them about! How cool is that?

Party Line - with call waiting enabled on your Verizon Wireless trimode phone, you can add anyone who calls you to the conversation - a GREAT way to introduce new people to Amateur Radio! Text message your SWL buddies and let them find how just how much fun that TRANSMITTING really is!

Tired Of That NASTY TTS Voice? - No problem. Just configure a DTMF sequence in the HUSH window, and EchoCell will send all it's responses back to the local repeater and your cell phone (including your email) in Morse Code. The HUSH option is not only a fantastic way to silence Ugly Microsoft Mary, but it's a great way to help all your friends on the repeater practice Morse Code!

Worried about the local repeater monkey getting your DTMF tones? - Don't be. EchoCell uses secure 256 bit encryption when sending DTMF tones back and forth from your cell phone to the local node radio. Nobody will EVER crack that code!

Need to do that late nite EBay transaction? - But you don't want to wake up the repeater control operator? No problem. Switch EchoCell to the NiteTime(tm) mode, and all DTMF and voice operations are automatically done with 256 bit encrypted subaudible tones. Your repeater control operator will sleep tight while you make that last minute EBay purchase or listen to the weather report.

System Requirements - EchoCell has been tested on all versions of Microsoft Windows, with the exception of Windows 95. Ready to roll on YOUR shack computer! Requires an 8086 processor running at 16mhz or faster, 2mb of RAM, and 200K of disc space.

Download EchoCell NOW!


Your credit card and email server information is SAFE with EchoCell! EchoCell uses a 256 bit secure encryption facility and fourty four ports on your computer. To avoid router setup problems, please disable all firewalls and anti virus software before installing EchoCell. Roaming charges may apply in some areas. TTS voice not included. EBay purchases made thru EchoCell are not covered by the Buyer Protection Plan at PayPal, VISA, or MasterCard. American Express may not be accepted for some EBay purchases. Service charges may apply. All EBay sales are final. Failure to deliver the goods may result in negative feedback and the cancelation of your EchoCell account. Buyer protection plan avaialable for an additional charge. Verified PayPal account required. Monthly charges for using EchoCell will be automatically deducted from your PayPal account. State and federal taxes may apply and will appear on your monthly cell phone bill. Two year contract required. Any EchoCell account canceled before the expriation of the contract may be subject to a service fee. Cancellation fees will automatically be charged to your PayPal account. Offer not valid in some areas. State laws may be applicable in Florida, Massachusetts, and Hong Kong. You must have cookies enabled in your browser. EchoCell is not availble in Iowa. Pig farmers need not apply.

Friday - November 01, 2013 - Amateur Radio at the Beach - Amelia Island - KH2D.net
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